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This section of our website is dedicated to give you pertinent information regarding the following:

1) moving liability protection

2) insurance options

3) claims

4) arbitration

The Moving Liability Protection

Interstate movers are required by Federal Law to offer two liability options, known as Valuation Coverage. The U.S. Department of Transportation approves these options, which are contractual tariff levels of liability.
Full-Value Protection (FVP). This is the most complete available option for protecting your goods. The FVP cost is based on the amount you pay for the shipment. Under FVP, Ben Hur offers the following options if an article is damaged or lost while in our care:

  • Repair the item up to the degree needed to reinstate it to its original state upon receipt by us, or pay the customer for the repair costs; or
  • Change the item with the same kind of item; or
  • Pay the customer for the cost of the same kind of item at the present market price.

Released Value (RV). This is an inexpensive option, but offers little protection. Under RV, Ben Hur is liable at $0.60 cents/pound for each item. The weight of the item will be the basis when settling any claims for damage or loss (total weight of items multiplied by 60 cents/pound.)
For example: Damaged or lost lamp with a total weight of 10 pounds and valued at $1,000
10 pounds x $0.60/pound = $6 (amount to be paid by Ben Hur).

Third-Party Insurance

Ben Hur advises you not to wait if you need to file a claim even if you are given nine months to file a claim from the delivery date. Filing a claim at the earliest possible time allows us to review and resolve your claim.
Ensure to put a note on the bill of lading, delivery or inventory receipt during the delivery. This is your best evidence of a claim. You can still claim damages if the loss or impairment was discovered after the delivery. Allow us 30 days from the date we received them to resolve your claims.
Ben Hur is committed to resolving claims within 30 days after we receive them. Complete and file a claim form.

Filing a Claim

Other than the abovementioned options, there is a separate liability insurance that you can buy from a third party insurance company. This liability insurance will have your items covered above the $0.60/lb RV limit for each article. With this option, Ben Hur would pay you for any damage or loss an amount of $0.60/pound/item. You would be able to get extra money from your insurance company up to the value of your purchased insurance.

We suggest you purchase insurance from Baker Moving Insurance. Visit their website for more information. You can also call their toll free # (888)-893-8835.

Another alternative is to check with your homeowners or renters insurance and inquire the best insurance while your belongings are in-transit.

Arbitrating Disputes

Ben Hur is listed in the US Movers Association Arbitration Program. The independent, non-governmental organization National Arbitration Forum manages this program so that the arbitration process will be reasonable and unbiased. Visit their website at for more information about this program and to request a form when you move.

Send the completed form via email to –

US Movers Association
7558 W. Thunderbird Rd. Suite 1-614
Peoria, AZ 85381

Certificate of Insurance

We can assist you to in processing a certificate of insurance if the building you are moving from or to requires it. The processing of this certificate is in two business days, just send us a request form.

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