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Services Overview Ben Hur FREE online MOVING estimation

With more than 20 years of quality service, Ben Hur Moving & Storage has earned the stature of being one of the most reliable, trustworthy and competent moving and storage services in the U.S. Your convenience is our goal, so we continue to improve on the range of services we offer by allowing you to select the appropriate service needed for your move.

servicesBen Hur helps you to save money when moving by making things easier. Our team of experts will help you to plan and carry out your move from beginning to end. We are always available whenever you need assistance. Our team will be there for you — from the time you request for a cost estimate up to the time when you have safely moved your belongings in your new home.

Ben Hur’s concept of self-service moving is cost-effective and helps you to move easily. Right after you call us, a moving team head by a consultant will be assigned to you. The moving consultant will make a plan to prepare all the resources needed for your move, aside from giving you a cost estimate. We have packing materials that you can purchase. These packing materials are sturdy and are designed for the purpose of moving, ensuring the safety of your appliances, electrical equipment, artwork and other fragile items. These packing materials save you time and effort of having to do the packing again. Buy it from us and you get Free Delivery.

Our moving crew will drive the truck containing all the essential equipment on your moving day to your new location. When the cargo bay has been loaded, you lock it and keep the key. Ben Hur understands the importance of keeping your items secure and safe at all times throughout the move. It is also our part to ensure the security of your belongings until the moving process is completed. With you holding the key, you get the confidence that your items are secure at any time during the removal.

Ben Hur will take care of all the other demanding phases of the moving day.

  • First, our highly skilled team will drive the truck on the moving day to your new home.
  • Second, we will do all the clerical work, such as paper works, insurance, renting a big truck, etc. associated with the moving.
  • Third, we will bring the necessary equipment needed for the move, which means we will be responsible for returning the truck to the car rental company.
  • Fourth, our proficient team will drive the truck and bring your belongings to your elected site safely and securely. This saves you from having to worry about directions, unknown roads, traffic tickets and breakdowns because of deficient vehicles. Above all, there is no need for you to drive without a commercial license with our self-serving moving service.


With Ben Hur’s self-service moving, you are guaranteed of the security of your belongings.

Allow Ben Hur to help you move. Making your move stress-free and easy as possible is our goal!

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