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Packing Tips Ben Hur FREE online MOVING estimation

Ben Hur can help pack and unpack your items. You can choose between full or partial packing and unpacking services for delicate items, such as light fixtures, appliances, electrical equipment, breakables and artwork. Coordinate with your assigned moving consultant on how we can help you pack. If you do the packing, Ben Hur takes responsibility ONLY for damaged items caused by handling negligence.

How to Pack

  • Follow Ben Hur’s how to pack tips if you decide to pack your items.
  • Reduce your load. Use your move to start anew. Donate old clothes, unused toys, dishes, magazines, newspapers and other unwanted items. Getting rid of these items will remove clutter and make your new place breathable.
  • Label the boxes. Label each box by room. This will make unpacking and organizing quicker and easier.
  • Heavy and light articles. Use bigger boxes for light articles, such as towels, linens, curtains, table runners, etc. Use smaller boxes for books and other heavy items.
  • Keep loose and movable items in boxes or crates.
  • Breakable and other fragile items. Put a cushion at the bottom of the carton before packing breakable items. Get a packing paper and wrap each item individually. (You can also wrap them with a newspaper.) Ensure that all the surfaces are completely wrapped, particularly in those areas where the items get to touch each other. Wrap special items with a bubble wrap. Label the carton ‘FRAGILE’ to forewarn our moving crew.
  • Small Furniture like nightstands, small cabinets, end tables. There is no need to empty them as long as they hold lighter items like curtains, linens, accessories, or clothing.
  • Large cabinets, antique and desks. Remove the items in all the drawers.
  • Bookshelves and other wall units. Empty all bookshelves and wall units.  Loose shelves must be wrapped and packed individually.
  • File cabinets. Regardless of size, the contents of vertical file cabinets can be left intact, if moving does not require going up and down the stairs. Ben Hur can only move 2-drawer lateral file cabinets without removing its contents. We recommend emptying all drawers over the second drawer on bigger lateral file cabinets.

If your current site and new location have stairs, Ben Hur can ONLY move 2-drawer vertical file cabinets. This means you need to remove all other items on file cabinets with more than two drawers.

  • Computers and other electrical equipment. Back up your computer files prior to moving. Label all electrical cables for easy identification and quick reconnection. Use hardwearing boxes for packing the equipment. Don’t forget to put cushioning materials at the bottom of the box.
  • Mirrors and Artwork. Put delicate items together in one box, but ensure to wrap them properly. Label the box “Fragile.” Pack medium and big-size hanging artwork in special picture cartons or crates.
  • Floor and Table Lamps. Remove the bulbs, shades and bases prior to putting them in a box. Marked  “Fragile” on the outer side of the box.
  • Avoid packing jewelries, money, consumable items, pertinent documents or flammable items.

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