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Moving a Business can be Tough! Let Us Help!

Any type of move can be hard on the people that are trying to go about their everyday lives and move at the same time. However, moving a business from one location to the other can often become a nightmare. Not only are you having to deal with life, but you are also having to deal with running a business and relocating at the same time. At Ben Hur Moving and Storage, we realize just how important our relocation services in Los Angeles are and work in every way possible to help with your commercial moving and storage needs. We guarantee that our local movers will have your business moved in a day with very little downtime and very little loss of revenue for your business along the way.

Need Storage?

Once your move in date has been taken care of, we will assign you a moving consultant and a team of movers to ensure that your stuff arrives on time and you can get back to business. Sometimes it’s just not feasible to move all your office stuff at once. We have self-storage and long term storage to help you deal with the access until you have time to set your office up and want it back.

What We Move, Store, and Provide

  • Furniture from your office
  • Computer systems
  • Office desks and chairs
  • File cabinets
  • Anything you can’t take with you can be stored
  • We offer friendly and professional service
  • A free online moving estimation
  • Trained movers that are licensed
  • Efficient solutions to your commercial moving needs
  • Storage rental

Here at Ben Hur Moving and Storage, we realize that moving a business can be tough. That’s why we work hard to provide moving services and storage options for the residents of West Hills, CA. Contact us today to get your commercial move started.

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