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Frequently Asked Questions Ben Hur FREE online MOVING estimation

When should I call Ben Hur?

Call us the soonest possible time. This will help us to meet your preferred schedule date. It will also give us the opportunity to address all your moving concerns that will speed up the moving process.

Can I request for a free on-site estimate?

Yes. Ben Hur gives a free on-site estimate. We will send a moving consultant to your location and will furnish you a written binding estimate that includes all the services and costs. Our qualified and competent moving consultants will assist you with all your moving and storage needs as well as answer any questions that you may have about moving.

What do you mean by binding estimate?

A binding estimate serves as your guarantee for the moving cost. It is put in writing and contains all the services that were agreed upon between you and your moving consultant during the on-site estimate.

Can the price of the binding estimate change?

Yes, but only under limited conditions:

1) changing the original requested services;


2) changing the original number of items.

The binding estimate price can also change due to unexpected conditions that may require extra services like stair or shuttle carry, requiring extra charges.

How are hourly, weight and volume estimates different?

Moving service may either be binding or non-binding. Charges for the binding move are based by volume and the service that you receive during the free on-site estimate. Charges for the non-binding move are usually based by weight or by the hour. Talk to your moving consultant to know what is appropriate for you.

What items should I pack on my own?

Ben Hur offers you a comprehensive moving service. What items you need to pack on your own depends on your choice and the time, money and energy that you are willing to put into it. Let it be clear that packing refers to small and loose items. It does not include furniture, equipment and other huge items. You can delegate all the packing to our professional moving team; or pack everything on your own; or pack a few things on your own. Most of our customers leave the packing of fragile items, such as light fixtures, electronics, artwork and other breakable items with our moving team. Give your moving consultant a list of all delicate items to ensure adequate handling is met.

How can I ensure the safety of my belongings?

Ben Hur is licensed and insured. We know the proper and safe handling of any kind of items. We use durable moving pads to wrap delicate pieces. We put cushions at the bottom of each carton before placing your items. Marble, glass and other delicate surfaces are placed in wooden or cardboard crates. Make sure to identify and inform your moving consultant on all the items that require special care and handling.

Do I dismantle and reassemble my furniture?

You have the option to do it yourself or delegate it to our moving team. Most of our customers prefer to leave the job of dismantling and reassembling of furniture with our moving team. You can also opt to dismantle your furniture before we arrive to save time and leave the reassembling with our moving crew. Identify and discuss with your moving consultant all the items that are to be reassembled.

What about my appliances? How are they going to handled and packed?

Electrical appliances need extra handling, care and packing to ensure safe transportation. The motors on major electrical appliances, such as washer and mechanical drums and other moving parts should be fastened securely. Gas appliances require servicing, as they need to be disconnected before moving. We suggest that you discuss this with your moving consultant for proper servicing of your electrical appliances to ensure safety when moving.

What if I need to remove or add some items from/to my move plan?

Inform your moving consultant if you need to remove or add some items from/to my move plan, so you can get assistance on any changes. Keep in mind that this can cause a change in the price quote.

What if my new home/location is not yet ready?

Ben Hur offers you a secure and convenient storage solution if your new home/location is not yet ready. Inform your moving consultant about this and a temporary storage solution can be arranged for your items.

What is mover’s liability insurance?

Liability insurance gives you protection during the move. It covers any damage or loss caused by accidents or other unforeseen events.

Do you move on weekends?

Yes, we work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just tell us your desired move date and time.

Can I change my move date?

If there are changes in your move date, inform your moving consultant immediately so the modifications in your plan can be processed. Discuss any updates with him. Ben Hur will accommodate any changes in your move date.

When do I pay your services and what methods of payments do you accept?

For long distance moves:
Ben Hur requires at least 50% payment of the moving cost, which is due on pickup. The remaining 50% is due on delivery. At the time of the pickup you can use any form of payment- check, credit card, cash. The second have at the delivery must be paid with a bank certified check, post office money order or cash only. No personal checks or credit cards will be accepted at the delivery.

For local moves:
Payments for local moves are due in full once the move is completed, with any credit card or cash only. No personal checks.

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