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Moving tips Ben Hur FREE online MOVING estimation

Moving is difficult, so it is important to make a wise choice when choosing a moving and storage provider. Put value to the company’s reputation, services and price.

We recommended picking at least three or four moving providers and compare. Inquire necessary details like liability protection. Make certain that the company is reliable on meeting scheduled pickup and delivery dates. Do not forget to make an agreement for the transport of your plants and pets with your chosen moving company.

Ben Hur understands the big work involved in moving, but our customers do not feel this because we make their moving a pleasant experience in the best possible way. To make the move easier for you, we have listed a few things to do before your move. We call it —

Ben Hur’s Pre-move Preparation Tips

List all the necessary services that you need. This includes:

  • a) articles to be moved;
  • b) items to disassemble and reassemble;
  • c) items to pack and unpack;
  • d) packing materials;
  • e) articles that require special services like antique, glass items, appliances, light fixtures, etc.

Call Ben Hur before your desired move date to inform us all the services that you need and request a written cost estimate. Request an on-site cost estimate if your new site is big and have four or more rooms. Check if the submitted cost estimate includes all of the services that you need.

Ask your building administrator about any special requirements and restrictions on the pickup and delivery sites, such as access days and hours, parking, building protection, etc. Inform your Ben Hur moving supervisor about these restrictions and special requirements. Some building administrators ask for a “Certificate of Insurance’ from the moving company to protect the building against liability for damage.

Inform us if this certificate is needed by filling up the provided request form.

Set your move date with your moving consultant. Ben Hur can reserve a tentative date if you are still unsure when to move.

Confirm with us if you will drive to the new site or would like us to move your vehicle(s).

Confirm the move with us a few days before the move date.

Make moving easier, fun and convenient! Employ Ben Hur now!

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