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Woodland Hills Movers/Moving
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Make Moving a Breeze with Us!

Moving can be complicated and confusing at the best of times. The last thing you want to have to do is pack everything, load it into trucks, and move it from one location to the other. At Ben Hur Moving and Storage, we understand that your life is busy and want to take the work out of your move for you. For more than two decades, we have been providing a great moving and storage service in Las Angeles. Whether you are looking for long distance movers or local movers only, we take care of the moving for you with an expert team of movers that will give you service with a smile. We provide an all-inclusive packing and moving plan so that all you have to do is let the movers in and start looking forward to life in your new home.


Store Your Belongings with Ben Hur!

We all know that sometimes you just don’t have the room in your new home for all the possessions you treasure. Not only does Ben Hur Moving and Storage offer relocation services, but we also offer all-inclusive storage options as well. Whether you need a big or a small unit, we have what you need and a team of movers to pack up your stuff and move it to the unit as well. We will hold onto your prized possessions until you are settled in and ready to bring them into your new home. The services we provide are listed below.

  • Local moving
  • Out of state movers
  • Packing materials that are eco-friendly
  • Loading and setup service
  • Commercial moving services
  • Pickups en-route
  • Prompt pickup and delivery
  • Competitive rates
  • Work on weekends
  • Full-service storage options

At Ben Hur Moving and Storage, our goal is to make your move, whether out of state or local, stress-free and easy. Contact us today to move your belongings for you.

Do not get too anxious on the moving day, as Ben Hur will work with you closely.
The assigned Ben Hur moving consultant will directly handle your move.

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Ben Hur provides an all-inclusive storage solution to our customers, assuring that we meet your needs. Whether you require small or big storage, we have it ready for you!

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That won't happen to you at Ben Hur Moving and Storage. Ben Hur has been serving Los Angeles for over two decades.

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Everyone on the Ben Hur team is here to make sure that your moving day is as stress-free as possible.



 Many companies can claim to be 'professional', but Ben Hur has the experience and trust of our community to actually prove it. Two decades of customers who return time and time again to Ben Hur are evidence to our company's commitment to our customers and our community.

Whether you already live in the Los Angeles area or are just moving here, Ben Hur Moving and Storage is here for you.


Professional, simple, affordable

Moving isn't easy. It's stressful, it's time-consuming… and, although often exciting, it can seem like you're avoiding one potential disaster after the next. Inexperienced movers can damage your furniture, whether by packing it incorrectly or being careless while loading and unloading. Unreliable companies can overcharge or bully you into an overpriced contract. Your precious items can get lost.

That won't happen to you at Ben Hur Moving and Storage. Ben Hur has been serving Los Angeles for over two decades. A trusted name in the industry, Ben Hur has a reputation as one of the most reliable moving and storage companies in the country. Family owned (and family friendly!), Ben Hur is the best choice in the greater Los Angeles region for all of your moving and storage needs.

Everyone on the Ben Hur team is here to make sure that your moving day is as stress-free as possible. We provide a variety of different services to suit your personal needs; Ben-Hur's professional movers specialize in local, long-distance, commercial and international moving and storage services. Our courteous and experienced movers will help you to pack, load, drive and then unload to just about anywhere in the country. Or you can use our simple Self-Service Moving within Los Angeles to save money while at the same time keeping your belongings safe and secure. We also offer a multitude of total storage solutions with clean and safe facilities. At Ben Hur, it's really about which services that we provide will best suit your particular circumstances – and making the process as simple as possible for you.